Mom’s New Digital Playground from Drypers! Visit it now!

Having a newborn baby can be overwhelming, and it doesn’t get much better when he/she turns into a toddler.Good thing there’s always somebody, apart from your doctor, who is more than eager enough to tell you what to do–from grandparents and aunts, to friends with kids, even the well-meaning Manang in your neighbourhood store. With all the information and advice out there, how does a mom know which one is more than just old-wives’ tales?

In this age of tweets and real-time status updates, digitally-savvy mothers will find a new bestfriend in Drypers Wee Wee DRY’s fully-loaded website (  The site is chockfull of helpful tips, information and advice for mothers and even moms-to-be and those looking to have a baby.  Visitors can sign up to join the Drypers Baby Club to get access to premium online content and exclusive members-only promotions and prizes.

Once you sign up, you can personalize the content you receive based on the stage or timeline of your baby or toddler. It’s a digital watering hole for mothers and expecting women to meet, connect and share their experiences and views about pregnancy, parenthood and everything in between

Come October, will also be the platform for the Drypers’ loyalty program. Drypers Baby Club members can collect points from their purchase of Drypers Wee Wee Dry diapers, which will enable moms to claim awesome gifts such as cool gadgets, dining freebies, tickets to family-friendly leisure destinations, shopping and wellness sprees. There’s a wide array of special tokens up for grabs to keep moms, dads, lolos and lolas excited.

Join the Drypers community now and get more than just the best parenting information but also fun rewards. Special prizes await the first 500 moms to sign up to So get that mouse clicking and get in line for the social network for in-the-know moms.

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