Modus Operandi in Jollibee Madrigal?

Is it really that dangerous nowadays that even when you’re just eating at a fastfood chain, the things that you worked so hard for gets lost and you are without a clue on what and how it happened?

Here’s the story of another Alabang Bulletin reader who’s family was victimized at broad daylight last Saturday:

We parked in front of Chowking in Molito Mall in Madrigal at exactly 6:30am and had breakfast at Jollibee which is just beside Chowking. There were no other cars but our Lite Ace.
When we came back to our van, we were shocked that the doors were unlocked. We locked it and double checked before eating. Anyway, we opened it and found out all our valuables were not there anymore. My laptop bag (with my laptop and external drive in it), my sister in law’s bag with my brother’s wallet in it, the SLR we borrowed, my sister’s bags and even our 3 pillows and my niece’s and nephew’s milk were all gone.

We called the attention of the guard in Chowking and asked if he noticed some unusual activity. He said he didn’t notice anyone opening the doors. We asked the van parked beside us and they said they just saw that our doors were unlocked but didn’t see anyone coming out from our van. We asked the guard again and this is what he said “marami nang beses nangyari yan, lagi akong nasasalisihan, kakapasok ko lang…”

We called the security and manager of Jollibee and told them of what happened.  They all know that it happened before but they haven’t tightened their security. The security of Jollibee said it wasn’t his job coz we were parked in front of Chowking. We called the security of Molito Mall and he said it wasn’t his responsibilty too. And the chowking security said the same too since his duty is 7am. So who’s at fault? Jollibee and Chowking are both 24/7, how come the security is not that tight? They said that the security did his roving and didn’t find anything unusual. And no one saw it at 630 am??

I think kasabwat yung guard of chowking. Parang sobra syang OA. He kept on saying kakadating nya lang, wala syang alam. His name is Carlo. Honestly, gusto ko makaabot ito sa Jollibee or Molito Mall. Sana magbigay man lang sila ng pampalubag loob. We were there for 30 minutes and no police came. Grabe, siguro kasabwat yung mga security. Sabi ng dad k dapat palitan yung security ng mall and jollibee kasi nasasalisihan. Kung ganyan yung nangyari, what more sa iba diba?

Lastly, actually, kaya hindi napansin ng guard ng jollibee yung nagnananakaw kasi there were two big tarps by the railings. Dati pa pala pinapatanggal yun per hindi nakikinig yung Jollibee. Yesterday, I passed by, they removed it na. My point is, did something like this have to happen to realize they have poor security? Tsaka 24/7 sila, walang CCTV? Wow..

We are here not to accuse anyone. We are just printing what one reader told us verbatim and the call for action on this case so that no similar incidents will happen again and victimize more southerners.

We hope this gets resolved soon and that the people responsible are brought to justice.

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  1. Mark says:

    Nanakawan din kami nito lang Oct. 22, 2011 7:00AM, nagpark kmi sa harap ng Chowking para magbreakfast. Nabiktima kami ng Bukas-Kotse-Gang, Nanakaw samin ay Iphone-Blackberry-Doppler-at 5000 pesos. Wlang CCTV, at Security Guard sa Chowking.

  1. October 24, 2011

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