MMDA’s No Contact Policy in effect in Paranaque today

We see you.

This is what will happen in Paranaque City as the Metro Manila Development Authority launches its “No Contact Policy” in the city starting today.

Several CCTVs will now be monitoring the city 24/7 for traffic violations, according to the MMDA.

This is in the hopes of instilling discipline (fear?) to all motorists passing by Paranaque — be they be public or private motorists.

Paranaque will be the first city in the country to have state-of-the-art CCTVs installed in major roads in the city.

The cameras will monitor violations like beating the red light, overshooting the intersection box and other such violations.

The violations will automatically set an alarm and record the said violations and the violators’ plate numbers and record will also be recorded in partnership with the Land Transportation Office.

A summons will then be sent to the violator and he/she will have three to five days to settle the penalty.

At present, CCTVs are installed in the Kabihasnan area of the city and the local government is looking at adding more in Sucat, Baclaran and Bicutan.

The “No Contact Policy” scheme will be on an experimental phase for now so violators will only be receiving warnings as of the moment but will be issued formal summons two weeks from  now.



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5 Responses

  1. Marietta says:

    Can you post the City ORDINANCE No. 17-06 of Paranaque City? You said the summons will be sent and settle within three to five days . How about if the violators are from the province example from Region VIII. They can received it late and dont know if they have violations?Is there no first offense?Beating the red light fees is 3K right away?Please can you explain it to me? and send me the ordinance No. 17-06 because I can’t view it in Paranaque City Website.Where will he pay and settle the violations?

  2. daniel Reyes says:

    pls advise code for staying in pedestrian lane it says (b) ORD. 17-06 (IRR but the code is not readable

  3. Leila says:

    How much ang charge sa beating the red light?

  4. Jeff Pabunan says:

    Please enlighten me with your fine of 3,000php on staying in pedestrian lane.How much is the true violation fee for that. Also, do you have legal traffic enforcers with hand held camera positioned in all paranaque city? I got a letter from your traffic management office about the said violation. But there was no traffic lights on the picture. Is it valid?Thank you

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