MMDA Welcomes CA Ruling on LGUs’ Traffic Ordinances; Says CA Did Not Nullify the Unified Ticketing System

Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Francis Tolentino today welcomed the Court of Appeals ruling upholding the legality of the traffic ordinances of the local government units but pointed out that it has no effect on the Uniform Ordinance Violation Receipt (UOVR) system presently being implemented in the 17 LGUs of Metro Manila.

“We welcome the CA ruling but the MMDA and the LGUs, with the support of transport groups, are already implementing UOVR since last year,” Tolentino said.

In a 16-page decision issued on Monday, the appellate court’s 6th Division upheld the legality of several traffic ordinances of Metro Manila LGUs, denying a petition by several transport groups to have it nullified. The case was filed in 2006, or six years prior to the implementation of the UOVR.

While the agency does not question the court’s ruling, Tolentino pointed out that the UOVR scheme that has been in effect since March 1, 2012 is consistent with the public transport operators’ clamor to have a single traffic ticket within Metro Manila. The UOVR scheme also did not nullify nor disregard any of the LGU traffic ordinances.

“UOVR is now being implemented. The CA ruling has no effect whatsoever on this single ticketing scheme that has been in place since last year,” Tolentino said.

On January 26 last year, the Metro Manila Council (MMC) composed of the 17 mayors of Metro Manila, unanimously approved a resolution establishing a system of interconnectivity among the LGUs and government bodies involved in traffic management.

The MMC resolution paved the way for the implementation of UOVR scheme which was supported by all Metro Manila LGUs, the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), the Land Transportation Office (LTO), and the transport groups. The uniform traffic ticket bears the MMDA logo and those of the 17 LGUs.

The MMDA and the Metro Manila LGUs are now working to harmonize all local traffic ordinances towards the adoption of a Uniform Metro Manila Traffic Code.

The uniform ticket is issued by all traffic operatives within Metro Manila and recognized metro-wide.

Under the single ticketing policy, MMDA, LGU and LTO traffic enforcers will honor and recognize the UOVRs issued by other LGUs, enabling apprehended motorists to use their tickets as temporary driver’s license.

Motorists will have seven days to pay the fine imposed at any Metrobank branch. For LGU-issued UOVRs, violators will have five days to settle fines and redeem their license in the city where the apprehension took place.

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