McDonald’s Philippines investigating nature of circulating SMS claiming a couple died after eating at a McDo store in Las Pinas

McDonald’s Philippines issued a statement today addressing a circulating text message saying that a couple had died due to food poisoning after eating at a McDonald’s in Las Pinas City or in Alabang.

The screenshot of the SMS can be seen below:


Though it is still not clear where the specific McDonald’s branch is (was it in Las Pinas or in Alabang and if in those cities, where in those two cities?), some information reaching Alabang Bulletin said that the couple were eating in the parking lot when the wife started to “vomit profusely” followed by the husband.

Unconfirmed reports said the two were then rushed to the Las Pinas Medical Hospital (still unconfirmed) where they both expired.

We also received information that investigators are also studying the possibility of the couple inhaling something from St. Jerome Church where they last went before heading to McDonald’s.

In its statement posted on its Twitter account, they said that “information in these messages has not been verified by the authorities, including the cause of death.”

They also added that the matter is presently being investigated.

In a longer statement, McDonald’s Philippines said they would like to assure all customers and the general public that the food they serve is safe.

“To date, we have not received any formal inquiry from the authorities. The victims’ family has not contacted us as well. We implore the public not to speculate and be responsible in sharing information,” expressed McDonald’s Philippines.

There is still no clear information on the matter as no formal investigation or findings from any investigation have been released.

We express our deepest condolences and sympathies to the families of the couple and like them and everyone else, we will await the result of any investigation and hope that those responsible for whatever the cause of death may be will be held liable.

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