Mall shopper falls prey to snatchers inside Alabang mall

One day, a shopper went to the mall with a mobile phone.

On the same day, she went home without a phone. Tsk tsk.

It was another day at the office for snatchers as they were able to get the iPhone 7 of one shopper who just wanted to check out stuff ON SALE in Mango in Alabang Town Center.

In a CCTV footage provided by Mango, it can be seen that the shopper (wearing yellow) was busy looking for items to buy when she gets sandwiched by a middle-aged woman and a man wearing a cap.

You can also view the video here:

It only took them less than five minutes.

They took her iPhone which had photos from her recent travel as well as photos from her brother’s wedding.

Screenshot of one of the suspects

They reported the incident to the police and to the mall management.

Let us always be careful and aware of our surroundings especially when we feel that people are suspiciously crowding around us.

Another screenshot from the Mango CCTV

Share this with your friends and hopefully none of you will be the next victims.


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