Make us your “Sumbungan!”

Know of any corrupt traffic enforcers, government officials or even reckless drivers in your areas? Tell everyone about it!

A noisy neighbor? A jaywalker? Someone cut you in the line? Someone peeing on the streets?! Let their actions be known!

A power-tripping security guard or an over-charging city official? Take their pictures!

Take their pictures and let’s post them here!

Send your pictures to or post them in our Facebook Group Page and we’ll post them here!

They do it anyway…so might as well let the public know what they do!

Here’s a sample:

Extra Toll Gates in Las Pinas

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No Responses

  1. love says:

    “buhos” sa traffic is not working!!! I hate it when they do that. Kaya may nasasagasaan dahil sa sistema na ito. Pwede naman nilang paandarin lahat ng sasakyan.