LP residents in BF should only be paying P7,142.44 for water

“I do not understand why their mayor is allowing them to be charged that much.”

This was what Mayor Aguilar said last week in a radio interview according to a BF Homes Subdivision homeowner who was able to listen to the radio program.

The BF Homes villager is from the Las Pinas portion of the village.

She said that Aguilar reiterated that residents from the Las Pinas portion of should only pay a total of P7,142.44 for the installation of the Maynilad pipes in their respective areas–“no more, no less”–he expressed.

This already includes the road diggings and road repairs after the installation of the pipes.

Many homeowners talked to by Alabang Bulletin before said that they had to shoulder the water pipe excavation fee (P8,245 in some areas), Maynilad pipe-layering cost (P23,232 payable in 48 months) and the Maynilad connection charge including the meter deposit (P7,142 payable in six months).

“That’s not a small amount,” said another villager.

There was no explanation at all as to why they are being asked to pay those amounts, added the first villager.

“Mayayaman naman daw ang mga taga-BF,” said the disgusted homeowner, adding that if they want water, they have to payt he price which should not be the case.

When asked what they plan to do about it, she just shrugged and said that they would just have to wait until the present mayor is replaced.

“Sobra na talaga ang mayor dito at ang ‘Family Incorporated’,” she lamented.

Sad if true.

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