Long-time Ayala Alabang resident complains about not being allowed to get a resident sticker

“I was denied a resident sticker to my own village.”

This was what one Ayala Alabang resident pronounced last week on her Facebook account as she narrated how, for the second time, she was not allowed to buy a resident sticker to a village she has been living in for 20 years already.

The resident, in her post, said that the Ayala Alabang Village Association did not allow her to purchase a resident sticker just because her car is in her name and their house is under her aunt’s name.

She explained that the homeowner association does not recognize her as a resident because her aunt is single.

So being that she is not an offspring of the actual homeowner, she is not considered a legitimate resident of Ayala Alabang?

AAVA is now asking her to pay P2,500 for a visitor car sticker, she said, “to gain access to a place where I live.”

In an interview with Alabang Bulletin, she also revealed that her car’s OR/CR, driver’s license and all her legal identification cards register her Ayala Alabang residence as her address.

“For all I know, I’ve lived here far longer than anyone who sits in that Village Council. Since the sticker rates have been raised to an absurd price, maybe they can redirect funds to do background checks on village tenants who they only charge P500 for a car sticker,” mentioned the exasperated villager.

She also noted that she had written to the village manager last year but that her complaint had not been addressed as of this writing.

Alabang Bulletin also tried to seek clarification from AAVA security head Romy Javier but was told the complainant just needs to write to the village manager again.

The frustrated resident also said that her uncle who lives in Paranaque was able to get a resident sticker “just because he’s my aunt’s brother and is considered second level of consanguinity/affinity”.

“This is really getting awfully frustrating,” she said, adding that maybe the village needs new homeowner association members.

How can this be handled? For sure there’s something in the by-laws of the village association that can solve this issue.

What do you guys think?

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  1. jenny says:

    Ako nga anak ng mayari ng bahay tpos sakin nkapangalan ung isa naming car muntik na rin di mabigyan sticker (from united hills naman) ayaw maniwala that i live at my parents’ house

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