Learn how to groove this summer! Enroll in the MFEC Dance Workshop now!


My First Eight Count (MFEC) is a Dance Workshop in a fun and friendly atmosphere, committed to develop a young generation of talented freestyler artists.

MFEC engages people of all ages looking for creative self-expression, exercise and/or social opportunities through dance.



We are dedicated in bringing quality and affordable dance lessons. We aim to provide the community with a comfortable and friendly environment in learning the art of Dance.



The workshop offers dance instructions to kids, teens and adults for group classes. The dance course is programmed to each individual skills thus maximizing one’s full potential to improve and show himself to a larger crowd boosting his/her confidence and perform in perfection. A recital is being prepared for a group or by solo at the end of the course.



MFECDW — where the Kids learn the power 8Count moves in the most enjoyable way.

Enroll them now.

Classes every Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 8am at The Village Sports Club.

A sure weekend of dance and happiness.

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