Las Piñas traffic aides scored

The lack of  know how in traffic management  among  Las Piñas traffic enforcers  again came to light recently as disgruntled  motorists and commuters complained of horrendous gridlocks along Alabang-Zapote road, especially during evening rush hours.

According to them, the  nightly traffic build ups  there happen mostly in four  areas – right after the Zapote overpass coming from the coastal road,  in front of the RFC Supermarket, the corner of A-Z road and the street leading to BF Resort Subdivision and the intersection of Marcos Alvarez and A-Z streets.

Compounding the situation are tricycles making  u-turns underneath the Zapote footbridge  and unruly pedestrians, who refuse to use the footbridge, darting  in and out from both sides of the busy street, right before the very noses of the traffic aides in the area.   

“The least the traffic aides can do is to  admonish these pedestrians to use the footbridge,” complained Rolan Dizon, a car owner who lives in one of the more than 300 subdivisions in the city.  Aside from Makati, Las Piñas is perhaps  the only city in Metro Manila where pedestrian footbridges are equipped with escalators courtesy of Mayor Vergel “Nene” Aguilar.

Adding to the woes of  motorists  is the habit of local traffic enforcers of allowing counter flows even when  the flow of vehicles along AZ road is not heavy.  A counter flow sometimes last for more than 15 minutes creating kilometric traffic jams that end as far as Zapote from the old Philips factory.  This  practice is also repeated at night  to the dismay of  thousands of tired office workers in a hurry to get home to their families.

While the Las Piñas motorists are all praises for the traffic enforcers they believe that a refresher course in traffic management will help in reducing the infuriating gridlocks along the AZ road, the only major artery in the city that is famous for its  bamboo organ.  #######

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