Las Piñas rolls out first 50,000 relief packs to 20 barangays amid COVID-19 crisis

Las Piñas City Mayor Imelda T. Aguilar ordered the distribution of initial 50,000 relief goods packages to 20 barangays in the city to augment the basic needs of the residents reeling from the impact of the fatal COVID-19 pandemic.

The relief packs, consisting of rice, canned goods and other basic necessities of a family, shall be distributed by the barangay officials tasked to device efficient and safe delivery of assistance, and ensure that the residents remain in their houses while the enhanced community quarantine is fully enforced.

Aguilar said the distribution of relief packages will be done through house to house by barangay officials and volunteers.

“These (relief packages) are the first batch of assistance to our residents as we continue to pack the rest of the basic goods we have allocated in the wake of this health crisis,” the mayor said.

She reiterated her appeal to all Las Piñeros to be discerning of any information regarding any assistance being given by the city government and listen only to their respective barangay officials to avoid chaos.

“As your city government is doing its best to help the country contain the spread of the fatal virus in the soonest possible period, I ask your full cooperation by obeying the community quarantine and stay at home,” she told the residents.

Meanwhile, Aguilar has directed the deployment of electronic jeepneys, vans and coasters for the use of city health workers rendering duties in various health centers and 20 barangays and those working in private hospitals, while the City Health Office (CHO) have put in place contingencies to assist the doctors, nurses and health volunteers since the outbreak of COVID-19.

She also ordered all barangay officials to strictly enforce the regular disinfection of public places and communities in their jurisdiction as disinfectant equipment and kits with regular replenishments were released to them last Sunday.

To date, there are six (6) cases of COVID-19 in Las Piñas. Three of them are confined in the hospitals in Las Piñas and the rest outside of the city. All of them are in stable condition. The Surveillance Team of the Las Piñas CHO already conducted contact tracing to all those who have encountered with the victims and the communities where they reside. Members of the patients’ immediate family are now in self-quarantine.

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