Las Piñas police round up over 100 under ‘Oplan Rody’; What is Oplan Rody?


Suddenly, enforcing curfew, antivice and decency laws is in vogue—at least in Las Piñas City where the police even named a new campaign after incoming President Rodrigo Duterte.

The local police on Saturday said more than 100 people were arrested the previous night alone for violating city ordinances.

A report to Senior Supt. Jemar Modequillo, the city’s chief of police, showed that 23 people were detained for drinking in public places, 57 for violating the curfew for minors, and 16 for walking around shirtless in public.

The mass arrests were made in line with “Oplan Rody,” a campaign named after Davao City mayor and now incoming president Duterte, who won the May 9 elections by a landslide on an anticrime platform.

Meanwhile, eight more residents—including two minors—were arrested on Calamansi Street, Barangay CAA, for alleged violation of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act. They were caught in the act of using illegal drugs, Modequillo said.

Six of them were identifed as Michael Ayubo, Mark Anthony Revaya, Jerry Velarco, Romil Clavo, Silverio Talaro and Rose Ann Morante.

The police said they yielded drug paraphernalia and a sachet containing a substance believed to be “shabu”; a .32-cal. pistol, an improvised shotgun and three live rounds. Kristine Felisse Mangunay and Carizza Ibañez

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