Las Piñas LGU offers real property tax amnesty until May 15

From by Jean Fernando:

Las Piñas City Mayor Imelda Aguilar called on property owners with unpaid obligations on their real property taxes to avail of the tax amnesty being offered by the city government until May 15.

The City Council passed and approved an ordinance on January 18 granting tax relief and/or amnesty to real property owners from the payment of penalties, surcharges, and interest on their unpaid real property taxes.

The mayor said the current COVID-19 pandemic shows unprecedented challenge not only to public health but also to the country’s economy resulting in the closure of businesses, unemployment, and loss of livelihood. Many city residents are experiencing hardship in paying their basic taxes, fees, and charges to the city government.

According to Aguilar, the city government did not reach the maximum level for the collection of real property taxes, business, commercial, and industrial fees and charges from the owners or operators of said real property, business, commercial, and industrial establishments.

She added that unpaid obligations of delinquent taxpayers continue to incur surcharges and penalties making it more difficult for them to settle their obligations.

The mayor said that granting tax relief to real property owners will be beneficial to the city because taxpayers will be able to comply with the mandatory obligation of providing livelihood to the city government.

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