Las Pinas folks asked to have a clean All Saints/All Souls Day

In observance of All Saints Day and All Souls Day, Las Piñas City Mayor Vergel Aguilar today encouraged the public to maintain order and not litter the cemeteries with trash.

Aguilar likewise ordered the local police to ensure police visibility and implement traffic rerouting scheme to avoid inconvenience to commuters expected to troop to the cemeteries starting on Sunday.

He said police visibility and round-the-clock monitoring is needed because while relatives are visiting their departed loved ones, some unscrupulous individuals and thieves are waiting to strike in their homes.

The mayor issued the twin appeal citing the age-old customs of remembering our deceased loved ones but messed up with celebrations taking for granted the surroundings with litters and rubbish.

Aguilar called on the public to celebrate “Todos Los Santos” and “Undas” with simplicity, spirituality and respect for both the dead and the living by maintaining cleanliness to protect the environment.

“We must ensure to leave the resting places of our loved ones litter-free,” he added.

He also urged residents to clean the tombs of their departed ones without causing pollution; bring clean-burning candles that do not yield black fumes or ash; offer local fresh flowers, not plastic ones, and be responsible for your discards.

Aguilar said it is much better to bring their own discards bags and bring them home for sorting, reusing, recycling or composting.

The city’s Kaagapay sa Linis Sementeryo brigade and assistance, both by organized by various socio-civic groups, would be around to assist the public in keeping the three cemeteries – Golden Homes, St. Joseph Catholic and Manuyo 1 – safe and clean. (END)

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