Las Piñas bans video karera

Las Piñas City Mayor Imelda Aguilar on Tuesday ordered the ban of all video karera in the city following complaint of parents and concerned citizens of its proliferation, particularly near the schools.

Aguilar directed Las Piñas Police Chief Marion Balonglong to conduct massive operation against video karera machines and arrest its operators or owners. She likewise ordered the strict implement of the One-Strike policy to all Police Community Precinct (PCP) commanders who fail to monitor the operation of video karera machines.

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“We have to ban all video karera in the city to protect students and youth from gambling that affects their studies.  This is also to heed the complaint of parents to help their children from spending their allowance on video karera,” Aguilar said.

The city chief of police reported that they have confiscated more than 20 video karera machines during their raids in various barangays like in Basa Compound in Barangay Zapote, Barangay Pulanglupa Uno and Dos, Manuyo Uno and Dos, Talon Uno and Dos, and CAA. Charges for violation of Presidential Decree 1602 (anti-illegal gambling law) were filed against video karera operators.

Meanwhile, Vice Mayor Luis Bustamante, also City Council presiding officer, recommended to Councilor Mark Anthony Santos, chairman on Peace and Order Committee, to file a resolution on ‘One-Strike’ policy against PCP commanders who allowed and supported the operation of video karera in their respective area.

Aguilar likewise directed Barangay officials to conduct monitoring in their respective area of responsibility and closely coordinate to the PCP commanders to help in the implementation of complete ban on the proliferation video karera and all other forms of gambling.

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