Is your child exhibiting difficulties in focusing or listening? Try the Tomatis Therapy now!

Is your child having a difficult time coping with his lessons in school? Does he or she have a difficult time understanding what the teacher is saying? Is your child unable to keep at pace with his classmates and peers?

Poor learning skills may be caused by poor listening skills.

Find out if your child is a good listener or not.

Tomatis has been helping people around the world with focus, language, and communication skills for over 50 years now. Since opening in the Philippines in January 2007, Tomatis has helped close to 200 people between the ages of 10 months to 65. People come to Tomatis primarily for developmental disorders such as ADHD, learning disabilities and autism. It is also highly effective with behavioral concerns, and focus issues.

Learn about Tomatis Therapy more on or or call them at 0906 439 7357.


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