Is there politics going on behind water situation in Pilar Village?

Alabang Bulletin, through our email address, once again received a concern over a very important matter happening in one of the villages in the south–Pilar Village in Las Pinas.

Here is the email in full:


I am a resident of Pilar Village. I was reading your page and I just wanted to share or actually just voice out my “irritability” with our situation here in Pilar, particularly in our street (we’re near the church, I’ll just not give out my actual address). 2012 just entered and I don’t want to start my year in this sort of “getting into my nerve” day-to-day dilemma.

Well, what am I talking about… water… tubig… the most basic need of man, that’s being deprived by who knows who in this community.  Why do I say being deprived? Because when the talk about getting MAYNILAD into our village and the communication between Pilar Waterworks-Maynilad-LP Mayor’s office started… lo and behold… we started to have a continuous supply of water. Unlike for the past years, we only receive 30 MINUTES OF WATER SUPPLY (excluding 15 min of dirty water) so 15 minutes in total do we receive everyday for the past years! Daily we get our water supply  from water trucks (who by the way pays a certain fee to our baranggay for their entrance in the village). 

And so, the continuous water supply for the past month  means Pilar Waterworks can give its residents a non-stop water supply. Unless, there’s something behind all of these.
Why do I think like there’s some-kind-of hanky-panky going around… blame it to baranggay official who told us… “pagpumasok na ang MAYNILAD, marami ang mawawalan ng trabaho” HUH?! TRABAHO? Who are they talking about? The residents of Pilar? Or those people who are delivering water who happens to be non-residents? Or wala lang kita ang baranggay (because of the fees they charge to these deliveries). 

Its irritating because the nearby villages will already have water supply from MAYNILAD. Actually, nilaktawan kami sa paghukay ng MAYNILAD. And this is because of the very “proactive” baranggay officials we have.  Hindi ko alam kung para ba sila sa mga “true” residents of Pilar Village, who pays their village dues, o para dun sila sa mapapakinabangan nila. Ang haba na ng inupo ng mga officials dito (same partido), pumalit na nga ang asawa, at nakabalik na muli andg dating officials, pero wala pa rin silang nagawa para i-improve ang rasyon ng tubig sa Pilar!  Very proactive nga!
Some are also telling us the high price that will be charged to us…  Uhmmmm….mataas din po binabayaran monthly para sa pagkuha ng tubig sa iba… Remember, this is a lifetime investment… if we need to change for the better… then let’s do it! Eto lang po…. Kung gugustuhin ng pagbabago, may paraan. Kung ayaw, maraming dahilan!
Now that the talks between Maynilad and Pilar has died down, we’re back in our old daily ways… rasyon uli ng tubig! 
Hopeless case na po ba kami sa pagpasok ng MAYNILAD?
I am just one voice, and I don’t know if I will be heard.


The resident is correct. He/She is just one voice. But we in Alabang Bulletin hope that someone somewhere can and will do something about this.

After all, everyone deserves water, right?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m also a resident of Pilar Village and my mother declines ever having the same problems when it comes to water supply from Pilar Waterworks. We live somewhere on the way to Camella. I scoffed when I heard that BF Paranaque was like that. I never knew my own village was experiencing the same. Have you tried asking the proper authorities why you only get half an hour a day to get water?

  2. Complainant says:

    Your mom is lucky to be on that side of the village. As for asking the proper authorities, first they told us tank problem… madaling masira yun motor that’s why they have to put a water schedule. When we complained about the 30 min. water supply in the morning (which in reality, 15 min only of clean water), they said yun lang ang kaya. They will check or report it to the administration. We asked our neighbors, they said ever-since they lived here, ganun na daw ang supply ng tubig. No wonder, almost all of the houses here have water tanks. And I guess, they never complained about it kasi ganun na daw talaga sa lugar na yon.

    Another time, when the talk about getting MAYNILAD in, that’s when the baranggay official made a comment, “marami ang mawawalan ng trabaho.”

    Its not only us but also my other relatives who are also living in different areas in Pilar, who are now experiencing water schedule. Before, no problem with the water supply, but now, they also have to fill-up their drums, because of these water schedule.

    If Pilar Waterworks can’t provide non-stop water supply, then what’s stopping our officials from pursuing MAYNILAD to supply water in our village. I think a good reason for changing the water provider is due to Pilar Waterworks incapability of providing non-stop water supply to the homeowners of Pilar Village, and I mean all of Pilar Village, not just some parts.

  3. Complainant says:

    Hi sir/mam, you’re lucky you’re living in that side of Pilar. But most of us here, have water schedule. Even my relatives who, before, does not experience any water shortage, now has to fill-up their drums because of the schedule also.

    As per talking to the proper authorities, first we went to the Pilar Village waterworks admin. They said that there’s a problem with the tank so that they have put a water schedule. But 30 min. a day (in reality 15 min only)? We asked our neighbors who’s been residing in this area for a very long time, they said that these has been going on ever-since. No wonder most of the houses here have tanks. And I guess, they didn’t complain anymore since ganun na ang dinatnan nila.

    When we went to the baranggay, that’s when the baranggay official made a comment “maraming mawawalan ng trabaho.” Needless to say, wala rin pala silang magagawa.

    If Pilar Waterworks cannot supply non-stop water to the whole village, then what’s stopping our officials in pursuing the entry of MAYNILAD in Pilar Village. And I think a good reason to change our water supplier is due to Pilar Waterworks’ incapability of providing non-stop water supply to the whole of Pilar Village,and not just to some areas. And there should be no more need of water schedule.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you with the water problem. We now have water schedule. Lunch time til 3pm, no water. Balik ng hapon until 9pm. Tapos wala na. Umaga na uli. What’s wrong with Pilar Waterworks! Daig pa tayo ng ibang village. Sa dami ng residente ng Pilar, di nila kaya suplayan ng tubig. Matagal na itong problema!!!! I agree with the complainant. Nadinig ka namin. Marami ang ganyan ang kalagayan, di sila umiimik. Kailangan wag tigilan ang pagdaing!!! At tama ka rin, nagkaron din kami ng tubig, nung nagsimula ng mag-usap na papasukin ng MAYNILAD. Pero ngayon, balik na uli sa dati!

  5. Satoshi36 says:

    Looks like history will repeat itself tulad ng nangyari sa BF Paranaque. Talks Failed & mga residente nag-walkout sa kanilang mga bahay para mag-protesta laban sa PWCC ang pagharang ng Maynilad pipelaying….. Whatever happened in BF Paranaque 4 yrs. ago can happen in Pilar Village If they end up in courts talagang mananalo ang mga residente……Last but not least baka maging hot issue yan ng media……

  6. Anonymous says:

    Let us conduct a “Massive Walkout Protest” against our Barangay & The Association. Tutal naman kasalanan nila ang pagharang ng Maynilad pipelaying sa Pilar Village eh. 2012 na & ganun pa rin ang style nila. Unfair naman to all residents. We are the 2nd largest village in Asia next to the whole BF Paranaque. If they did it 4 yrs. ago so can we.

  7. TagaPilarDinAko says:

    I really think this should be brought to media’s attention ‘coz the talks with the authorities failed. Wala ng kumikilos… and we’re back to no water again. As I’m writing right now, wala na kaming tubig (we’re at the back of the church). I just called up my mom who’s living on the other side of Pilar. Meron daw sila. What’s going on Pilar Waterworks? Siguro yun mga officials dito nakatira dun sa may suppply ng tubig kaya walang pakialam sa amin. Be fair naman! Bigyan nyo kami ng daloy ng tubig dito! Or else…. pame-media na talaga kayo!

  8. complainant January 7, 2012 says:

    I also share the same opinion as yours we have been living here in Pilar for the past 37 years and YES the water situation had gone worst.I think social networking site have to be opened so that people who are living in Pilar should wake up.It’s high time that we act.Why should we suffer at the expense of the others.It’s so disgusting to hear to that other villages are being supplied with water and we are not???takenote for every delay of payment in Pilar waterworks they ask you to pay the surcharge…

  9. MatagalNgNagtitiis says:

    Bringing this matter to the attention of the media is one option. However, what is more vital is for the homeowners to band together as one group to pursue a solution to the issue. Individual complaints about low or no water supply have fallen on deaf ears. Now is the time for the community to tackle this issue as a united force.

  10. jiggsaw says:

    just to correct the impression – it is not the Barangay who handles the water problem in Pilar Village but it is the homeowners association or PVHAI.

    it was PVHAI who called for the meeting of residents last year. but from what i heard – it is the Pilar Waterworks Corporation (PWC) who does not want to sign the Memorandum of Agreement (moa)…

    please correct me if there are people more knowledgeable of the situation.

    Yes, water is essential. If PWC cannot address the issue then please allow MAYNILAD to get inside the village and address the problem. PWC has been there long enough but was not able to properly address it.

  11. Complainant says:

    Sino pa ho ba ang dapat lapitan para humingi ng tulong. Pagkaraan ng ilang linggo ng tuloy tuloy na supply ng tubig, dalawang araw na uli na walang kaming tubig. Wala man lang abiso galing sa baranggay o sa assosasyon. Tama po kayo na ang namamahala ay ang homeowners association ngunit may responsibilidad ang baranggay para ayusin ang problema. Alam na nga na di inaayos ng homeowners ang problema, kaya nga sila, Chairman Martinez atbp. ang dapat ang umaksyon para sa mga taga-Pilar. Kung wala pa rin mangyari, kay mayor na dapat ito.

    Ngayon na pwede pala ang Pilar Waterowkrs magbigay tuloy-tuloy na supply ng tubig, bakit eto na naman, ilang minuto uli ang nararanasan namin. Sa likod kami ng simbahan. Swerte ang mga homeowners na nakatira sa ibang lugar at hindi nila ito nararanasan.

    Tanong ko po uli, sino na po ba ang dapat lapitan?

  12. MatagalNgNagtitiis says:

    Maynilad has begun work inside the village and if all goes well, the water supply woes of Pilar Village residents will soon be a thing of the past. However, it is disturbing to hear unconfirmed reports that an aggrieved party is planning to file a TRO to stop the diggings. Sana naman hindi totoo. The residents have been suffering long enough from the water situation.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Finally me Maynilad digging na daw sa me Camino Real ave. Corner Gem rd. Sana tuloy na to & kung meron mag-kokontra. Kita-kits tau sa korte & u know who’s gonna win the case……….

  14. Anonymous says:

    So far me mga hiwa in some small residential roads ready for jackhammering & the commercial plaza area has all of the major diggings & naglalagay na cla ng mga manholes & underground hoses papunta to the Maynilad water meters to the customers house. Maybe some residents are now buying 3/4 size uPVC pipes para in a few months me tubig na from Maynilad after 37 years of living in this village………

  15. Resident says:

    Homeowners association here is in the business of making money for themselves. Now they require everyone to get pvhai ckearance in order to apply for connection to maynilad!! Nakakasawa na extortion na ginagawa ng walang kwentang association neto!

  16. Business Owner says:

    Hi readers. I’m an owner of a water refilling station also in Pilar. Please review your final Pilar Waterworks bill before paying. The average per cubic meter price of Pilar dirty water is at Php58. When I saw my last bill just yesterday, it’s at P62.10. That’s bound to make your bill a lot higher when you didn’t consume any differently for the last 4 months at least. Don’t let Pilar Waterworks make you pay for extra when you’re not in fact informed on what exactly you’re paying for.

  17. jun gomez says:

    PWC is being run by mafia baboons poor service almost no water at all incompetent staff/ thieves