How not to be victims of Akyat Bahay Gang

Who really is at fault when we fall victims to dreaded gangs such as Dugo Dugo, Akyat Bahay and Budol Budol?

The authorities? Ourselves?

An Alabang Bulletin reader from Philam Village told us that their neighbors once again fell prey to the Akyat Bahay gang just last week.


At any rate, here are some tips on how to avoid having your belongings (and possibly lives) taken away from you:

1. Make sure that all the possible entrances to your houses are secured. Do people even do that karton thing over their missing air-conditioner units? Make sure all your locks in your gates and doors are working. Secure all your windows too. This applies when you’re on vacation and even if you’re at home.

2. If possible, have a “house-sitter”. Hire a trusted individual or ask a friend to take care of the house if you guys are going on a vacation. These sinister individuals do it even if there are people in the house but leaving it unattended just doubles the chances for your house to be burglarized. You can also ask your neighbors (if you trust them, hehe) to check on your house from time to time.

3. Always leave a night light on. This is another way to ward off burglars. They’re afraid of lights (at least most of them) and will avoid places/houses where they can be seen.

4. Brief your household helpers/house-sitters on emergency numbers and people who might call. This is to avoid getting calls from Dugo Dugo Gang members and also for them to be able to access you (and you alone) whenever there is an emergency.

5. Make sure your household helpers can be trusted. We have heard of a lot of inside jobs and also syndicates composed of maids who steal from their own employers.

6. No to newspapers. Tell the person delivering your newspaper subscription to stop delivering while you’re away or don’t tell him you’re going away but just tell him to stop delivering and just continue when you get back. Having a bunch of newspapers by your doorsteps will alert Akyat Bahay people that the owners are not in the house.

7. Tell the guards that you are leaving if you are going away for a long period of time. This way they can patrol your house more.

Once again, let us all be more careful as times are now more dangerous and criminals are now bolder. Let us discourage them from robbing our hard-earned belongings by being cautious.

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