Higher tax collection in Paranaque

Spirited by its commitment to sustain the momentum towards continued growth, the Parañaque City Government adopted sound and rational measures to increase its tax collection and subsequently succeeded in posting a higher revenue mark of P2,115,978,797.81 in 2009 vs. P1,924,336,199.61 in 2008, equivalent to a growth rate of 10%.

The increase in revenues was credited to the efforts of the City Treasury headed by Jesusa Cuneta, including encouraging citizen and corporate taxpayers to pay correct taxes religiously; collecting outstanding RPT and employing strategies aimed at maximizing revenues from business taxes, fees, charges and economic enterprises.

“We were able to transform Parañaque into a clean, beautiful, healthy, peaceful and progressive city. This would not have been possible without the contributions of our citizens and the business community. We thank them for their support and cooperation as we commend our Treasurer’s, Assessor’s, Business Permits and Licensing Offices, EDP, other revenue generating divisions and support departments for a job well done,” Mayor Bernabe said.

Among the major revenue sources, Real Property Tax with P1,040,865,879.40 and Licences with P1,042,393,779.27 collection contributed the most in raising the revenue collection.

Last year, Parañaque made history after being ranked number one among the local government units in the National Capital Region having been able to exceed the targets in four major revenue sources: Real property taxes (RPT) by 13.9%; business taxes by 6.3%; fees and charges by 15.9%; and income from economic enterprises by 4.9%.

To business circles, the consistent increase in revenue collection translates to business growth as well as faith and confidence in the city administration by the citizens and business community given effective delivery of basic services and various infrastructure, health and welfare projects being implemented by the city government. (Public Information Office)

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