Great! Expensive! Some musings about the Skyway to Alabang road

So it’s been almost a month since the Skyway opened its Alabang Exit and a lot of people have expressed mixed emotions regarding the new access road.

We did a survey from our friends on Facebook and Twitter and got these various comments:

“Not great dahil ang naapektuhan yung mga taga-West Service Road like me. Napakalayo na ng iniikot ng vehicles. Nakakastress. Before it will take five minutes only to think na galling lang ako near sa may Northgate. Ngayon, mga 15 to 20 minutes na,” said @Mhel_GL on Twitter.

@emeraldv also had the same thing to say: “Suffering the re-routing of West Service Road. Whoever designed this should think again.” She had the hashtag #betterplanningplease.

“Ang bigat sa bulsa!!!” was all @IamBonyYague had to say.

@Wingles only had these kind words to say, on the other hand: “I love it! Because of the Skyway, there’s no traffic below either!”

@chefpao said that it now only takes seven minutes from Alabang to Makati and back.

“20 minutes to and from Makati. ‘Nuff said,” quipped @martintheloz.

@RZC235 said that he’s totally satisfied as he gets to save up on fuel and also time.

The Skyway to Alabang had even converted some motorists who usually pass through other roads.

“Usually take the Coastal Road route but it’s been crazy traffic recently. Detoured to Skyway yesterday night and got to Alabang in 25 minutes!” said @ilacruz.

“The travel is somehow better. But let’s see if it’d still be the same after the summer break,” said a skeptical @hanananana.

“Loving the short travel time even with the high toll rates,” mused @miguelitorodrig.

“Best thing ever!” said @maypestano.

@riatrillo said that toll rates are too pricey and that taking the lower section of South Super Highway is not that bad anymore since there is hardly any congestion lately.

 @OinkLife did some computing and said that if you took the road for one month if you live in Alabang and live in Makati, you’ll be spending some P6,000 a month.

“Too expensive!” he said.

Facebook friends also expressed different emotions towards the Skyway to Alabang road.

“Good. Faster but too EXPENSIVE! Agghhh!!!” said Jon Caoile Navarro.

Lisa Ramos for her part said that the road is just for rich people saying it’s too expensive.

“Mahal but I pay it anyway. Sigh,” said Andrea Torre Equipado.

Summer Reyes-Carullo will only use the Skyway if they’re late because it’s way too expensive while Antonio Jr Aninon said that “mabilis sana kaso napakamahal ng toll.”

There. A line up of mixed feelings regarding the Skyway to Alabang. The P147 from Alabang to Makati IS pretty steep but if you want to save up on gas and time, the access road will surely be a good bet. We’re not forced to pass the Skyway anyway.

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