Good News! Free parking for all senior citizens in Paranaque!

Announced by the bills author councilor Wahoo Sotto himself, Paranaque City will soon be offering FREE parking to ALL senior citizens.

“Senior citizens, for their part, had long contributed to the national and local development and thus, it is only fair and proper that the city recognize the same by ensuring the best for their welfare,” said the city ordinance which was approved by Mayor Edwin Olivarez last week.

The ordinance calls that all business establishments engaged in parking business and establishments that charge parking fees are required to exempt senior citizens from paying such fee.

According to Sotto’s Facebook account, ALL senior citizens are exempted — even those from other cities.

They just have to show their senior citizens ID, mentioned the ordinance.

The councilor also noted that this applies to cases wherein the senior citizen is driving the vehicle or a passenger in the car.

Please see the ordinance below:


This is definitely a welcome move for senior citizens as many senior citizen groups have already lauded the ordinance saying they appreciate the support of the Paranaque city council.

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