Friendship Route sticker owners NOT exempted from Las Pinas Number Coding

Thank you to one reader who sent to us this reply by the Las Pinas City Hall regarding the confusing number coding in Las Pinas City.

For several months now, we have tried to ask Las Pinas City Hall about whether those with Las Pinas Friendship Route stickers were exempted from the number coding in the city.

For several months now, we haven’t gotten a reply.

Thankfully, the reader provided us with a reply from City Hall.

According to the reader, City Hall confirmed that having the Friendship Route sticker on your vehicle windows does not exempt you from the city’s number coding.

So we guess the “depende sa traffic enforcer” reply of someone from the Las Pinas City Traffic Office does not apply anymore.

We’re assuming since Las Pinas City Public Information Officer Jimmy Castillano was the one who replied to the query of the reader then this is the final and executory decision or order from Mayor Nene Aguilar.

So again, everyone with Friendship Route stickers, you are NOT exempted from the number coding in Las Pinas City.

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6 Responses

  1. mitch evangelista says:

    is this final? any black and white confirmation. baka kasi “hearsay” again. (sorry, still have court hangover from impeachment hearings).

  2. jojo says:

    this is in conflict with what mayor aguilar told the people during the 2nd day of releasing of friendship stickers at verdant gym. a friend was present at that time and heard the mayor announce the exemption to number coding if you have the sticker on your ride.

    ang labo nila 🙁

  3. John says:

    The exemption is an unofficial policy in the city. If this really comes out as an official traffic policy, it will worsen the traffic aituation in las pinas. Defiitely city hall will not announce its exemption. Lets just stick to what is happening so it will not be really be enforced 🙂

  4. ronron says:

    this is bs. I always drive my cars on coding hindi naman ako pinapara. kung I rerevoke ni mayor ung sinabi niya nuong distribution ng fs, dapat may kasulatan or sabihin nya sa next distribution of fs.

  5. Khrise Castro says:

    Share ko lang. Coding ko is Mondays,, 2 kasi nageend plate number ko. Hinold po ako sa may Golden Acres ng isang LP Traffic. When I told him na may friendship sticker ako, he asked for my license. Dapat daw sa LAS PINAS ang address ng driver. So, having a friendship sticker doesn’t exempt you sa coding sa Las Pinas. Dapat taga Las Pinas ang nagddrive. FYI lang po.