Firecracker safety tips!

For everyone to have a peaceful but still fun-filled celebration this New Year, here are some safety tips when using firecrackers from

1. Always purchase firecrackers from a reliable source and follow label directions carefully.

2. Store them in a cool, dry place out of reach of children and pets as well as away from possible hazards such as electrical outlets. Check instructions for special storage directions. Do not try to modify them.

Lots of people open firecrackers and put further powder or other objects – this is very dangerous. A responsible adult should always manage all firecrackers activities.

3. For using firecrackers, select a clear, area in the outdoors away from vehicles, buildings, dry grass or leaves and other inflammable materials.

4. Before lighting, make sure other people are out of range. Stay as far away as possible and light the firecracker using a long lighter or long match. Once the fuse catches fire, move away quickly.

5. Light one item at a time and keep your face, hand and other parts of the body away from the firecracker.

6. Never give firecrackers to young children. Children cannot be familiar with the danger involved and cannot take action properly in case of emergency.

7. Keep unused firecrackers away from firing areas.

8. Don’t use homemade firecrackers.

9. Never throw firecrackers at another person. If one firecracker misdirects it could hit your whole supply and source a big fire or explosion.

10. Never carry firecrackers in your pocket or fire them in glass or metal containers.

11. Keep a bucket of water or fire extinguisher nearby.

12. Do not use or handle firecrackers under the influence of alcohol.

13. Do not lean over the firecrackers since you ignite them.

14. After the cracker pieces are used, dispose off them in a metal trash container safely. Before picking them up, make sure firecrackers have cooled down. Once they cool – place in a bucket of water to make sure they are completely extinguished.

15. If a firecracker malfunctions, do not try to relight it. Douse and soak them with water and throw away.

There you go. Please keep in mind that it’s still safety that should come first during the New Year’s celebration.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Let us all be safe!

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