FAKE NEWS ALERT: No hold up incident in South Supermarket BPI ATM

Do not believe everything you see online.

To answer a story circulating online, South Supermarket management told Alabang Bulletin that a reported hold up incident by the BPI ATM this morning never happened.

Photo grabbed from Google Images (credit to owner).

If you haven’t seen it already, the news going around on Viber, Facebook and other messaging groups reported that:

Saw this in one of my groups and reposting it here.

Christmas na — be extra vigilant, mommies!

— HOLD UP IN BPI ALABANG SOUTH SUPERMARKET BRANCH A lady was held up right after she withdrew from BPI ATM (Alabang South Supermarket Branch) by a man who was also in line at the ATM. He put his arm around her and walked towards the steps right in front of entrance of South Supermarket.

He was wearing a jacket, a firearm was not visible. He pushed her and ran towards the street. A motorbike was on standby. He took the cash and her bag. She started screaming hysterically. Police arrived minutes after.

There were security guards by the entrance of both the bank and the grocery, none of which did anything. Can’t blame them as nothing seemed wrong with what they saw. They said: “akala namin magkasama sila.” Please be careful!

In an interview with Alabang Bulletin today, the establishment’s management said they had confirmed with their Filinvest branch security as well as the BPI South Supermarket Filinvest branch and that the hold up never occurred.

“That scenario never happened,” according to South Supermarket management.

We are trying to find out if it did happen but was just not reported to them (which is highly unlikely but please feel free to reach out to us should you know anything about it).

From rappler.com

“May we ask for everyone’s assistance in reaffirming that the rumors are false,” they added.

At any rate, let us all still be careful as more lawless elements are in our surroundings because, yes, it’s Christmas season and these criminals are more desperate and brazen.

And please stop making everyone panic by spreading fake news.

We will update everyone should there be developments to this, if any.


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