ePass only until March – Skyway office

Notwithstanding another round of confusion, ePass owners will now only be allowed to use their devices until the end of March.

Check out Skyway admin’s tweet below:


No further details like what will happen to those who just bought theirs or if there will be transfer of load available but questions like those can be asked via the office’s hotline at 888-8787.

Does this solve the frequent traffic along Skyway? We don’t know but you may call their office for questions and RFID applications/queries.

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2 Responses

  1. Josefino R. Angeles says:

    1. What if I bought a vehicle and have not registered it in my name. In whose name will the RFID be?
    2. Is the RFID limited to SLEX Skyway only. What about NLEX, SCTEX, etc.

    • AlabangBulletin says:

      Hi sir,

      1. When we got ours, we were asked to submit an OR/CR so the registered name of the RFID will be with the name on the OR/CR unless they have exemptions regarding this.

      2. As far as we know, the RFID from Skyway is only limited to SLEX but we do not know if they have plans of incorporating their system with the other major highways.

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