Driving tips during the rainy season

Courtesy of metromaniladirections.com:

1. The Golden Rule: Do not go out if there’s really no reason to go out. Cancel or postpone your event for the day in case the weather is really bad. The phrase “rain check” was not invented for nothing. (Even your own campaign rallies!)

2. Having a small umbrella inside your bag is better than having none. It does not matter if that is just the cheap 50-peso umbrella that you bought from the peddlers at the MRT station. Always have one in your bag. (Don’t be embarrassed even if your umbrella is pink)

3. Bring a plastic bag with you always. If it’s really raining very hard, put your bag inside the plastic bag. This makes your bag or any belongings waterproof. (don’t put the plastic bag on your head!)

4. Avoid wading through floodwater. You can easily catch diseases just by dipping your feet on floodwater. We know for some it’s a nice feeling but seriously, avoid floodwater. (Meningococcemia!)

5. Fully charge your cellphone before leaving the house. A single text to a loved one can save you, take away their worries, or both. (never be “cannot be reached”)

6. If you are driving, tune in to AM stations as they provide real-time updates on the weather, traffic situation in Metro Manila, flood levels, and roads to avoid. If you are in a bus, ask the driver or ticket inspector to turn on the radio. (or visit www.alabangbulletin.com, haha)

7. Remember, the higher you are, the better. Try to stay inside your building or climb up the MRT station. It makes it easier for you to scout your surroundings and at the same time feel safe from the floodwaters and the peril of the streets. (poor VP Binay, haha, we’re kidding)

8. If the flood level goes up and you are driving, locate the nearest elevated parking area. More often than not, the establishment owners would let you park for a flat rate as they understand the situation. (keep your feet on the gas!)

9. As much as possible, avoid walking through strong winds and do not stay in an open area. You’ll never know if a flying roofsheet will land on you or a falling tree trunk might hit you. (ouch!)

10. If you braved the rains and got wet, make sure you change your clothes when you get home. Keeping wet clothes on with the cold weather will make you catch diseases. (also “banlaw” even your head like our mom still says)

We hope that with these simple steps from our friends from www.mmdirections.com will all keep us safe this rainy (typhoony) season.

Let us all be careful and most importantly, let us all be prepared:)

Alabang Bulletin comments are the ones in bold.

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