Don’t get lost in Coastal Road going to Las Pinas

It happened to us. It happened to a lot of friends. They had to make a U-Turn because they were on the wrong lane at the end of Coastal Road near Cavite.

With the opening of the expressway headed to Kawit, Cavite, there seems to be a lot of confusion as to which lane to take when going home to Las Pinas or going straight to Cavite.

Huh? Where?

A lot of motorists heading to Las Pinas had been getting lost while sticking to the left lane of Coastal Road heading home. They, in the process, have to make a U-Turn just to get back on the southbound lane of Coastal to get to Las Pinas.

Kawit, left lane. Las Pinas/Bacoor, right lane.

Yes, motorists from Cavite (Bacoor) still occupy the lanes to Las Pinas and make traffic there as hellish as before but to go home earlier, Las Pinas residents, please take the right lane once it separates then the left most part after.

Vehicles making a U-Turn because they took the wrong lane (to Kawit instead of to Las Pinas)

Yup, traffic even on a Sunday afternoon

Then they forgot to repair the roads leading to Las Pinas. Traffic slows down because of the super bumpy roads.

So, two reminders:

1. If heading to Las Pinas, take the right-most part first then the left-most part after.

2. Be very patient.

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