Alabang-Zapote Road (near Alabang portion) has crocodiles?

Hello. I just want to write to you about a glaring abuse being done everyday.

Who are these Las Piñas “traffic enforcers” at Daang Hari who are obviously there to make money from hapless motorists? They position themselves at the narrow portion of Daang Hari where they know they can trap vehicles.

What is their excuse? Number Coding.

Many motorists use Daang Hari to get to Cavite to avoid the traffic at Alabang Zapote. Ever since it was opened the coding scheme was never implemented. It makes sense since this small stretch in of the road covered by Las Piñas has vehicles exiting the Alabang/Las Piñas area to Cavite in 5 minutes. So why are these “enforcers” there? It is so obvious that they are out to victimize hapless motorists who are already about to leave Alabang and go to Cavite or enter the coding free zone of Barangay Ayala Alabang.

And guess what? There are 3 to 4 of them on such a small area! Why aren’t they on the Alabang Zapote Road where they are really needed? Because it isn’t profitable? they also end up clogging traffic flow because of the vehicles they stop.

I hope you can report this to the proper authorities because these will be a major problem when school starts. How will parents coming from Cavite bring their children to school in the Alabang area? Even worse, how will they go back when they know they will be victimized. What about the kids when they go back home in the afternoon?

This is something that we should not allow.

Many thanks and more power to your website.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Early this year.. I was in BF and needed to go to Asian hospital @5pm.. I was waiting for my other car to arrive, which is stuck in traffic within north area.. Because of my heavy schedule, I was forced to use a coded car and expired registration.. Plus, I left my license in my other car.. Tried my luck but I was caught in that spot.. To make the story short, these policemen talk me into corruption. It cost me P200 for driving a coded car, expired registration, and without a license.. Honestly I felt bad thereafter.. For the policemen and my country..

  2. rs says:

    di naman sa daang hari yan eh

  3. Rachelle says:

    Twittered this one…..

  4. Gerry says:

    Two-legged crocodiles are found almost everywhere. There are ways to handle them. My assertive stance and the tone of my voice make them behave especially now that I’m a senior citizen. Just talking about them is not enough.