Counterflow along Alabang-Zapote Road

counterflow alabang-zapote road

Effective or not?

The Las Pinas City government or someone from City Hall thinks that he/she’s too smart for the motorists. They stop one side of the city’s main highway so that the other side can have the whole road as their playground–for some 15 to 20 minutes!

Effective or stupid?

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  1. southsider says:

    Traffic is very common in all areas of the metro, Las Pinas is definitely not an exception. One solution is counterflow, which raises issues if it is effective or not.

    I agree that counterflow is effective, if the flow on the other end is not that heavy. It must be a controlled and consice implementation. One example of a perfect implementation is Coastal road and Cavite stop and Go. Motorists can now travel at ease at Coastal Rd in the morning rush.

    However, if after the counterflow, the issue of traffic escalates, then obviously it is not effective and enforcers must rethink their plan of action.

    To sum it up, it depends on the situation when we should enforce counterflow, it must be well organized by enforcers and all precautions must be made before implementing a counterflor.

    • We appreciate this comment, southsider. Thanks:) It’s just hard to believe in the traffic enforcers when we know that they are not properly educated on the right traffic schemes. But so are we. All we know is traffic sucks and takes up a lot of our time to be productive. We just wish that they solve this soon.

      • southsider says:

        You are right, we should not put all the blame to traffic enforcers because first of all its not their doing. Peoples discipline is the main source of the problem.

        More often than not, its very hard to correct when the problem itself are the people. It is uncontrollable and not within anyones reach.

  2. Rudyf says:

    Of course, this is stupidity. No need to explain. Just plain stupidity. That is not the solution for such traffic, it will cause more traffic on the other end. Go and look for the source of such traffic first before applying such stupid solution.

  3. nico says:

    yan! ang problema! Pdeng pa share lang ng experience …grabe yan ung 1 way na yan..problema ko yan evytym na papasok ako sa skul..ung sa tapat ng sm..sus! talga..nkakainit ng ulo

    • We hear a lot of complaints of people getting late because of this scheme. haha. Should we just wake up earlier or find a solution to this? I don’t want to wake up earlier! Haha.

  4. coraline says:

    reduce the number of vehicles on the road:
    – 1995 and below models should be banned from the roads
    – jeepneys should be reduced already
    – the same be done with auv’s, buses & tricycles
    – there should be more trains in the southern area

    that should reduce traffic significantly hence, eliminate the need to counterflow.

    … or wake up early na lang talaga 🙂