Commerce Ave. widening nearing completion

Hopefully in time for the Holiday rush, the pending widening of one side of Commerce Ave. in Alabang, Muntinlupa is nearing its completion and ready to serve the vehicles regularly passing the area.

In a statement on its Facebook Page, BAA Today, Barangay Ayala Alabang announced the good news.

Photo from the BAA Today Facebook Page

“Concrete pouring needs to be done on only 40 meters of the road to complete the widening project on Commerce Ave.,” expressed the barangay officials in their Facebook Page.

Being the proponents of the project, BAA also noted that the sidewalk has completely been transferred between the Ayala Alabang Village perimeter fence and the existing trees and can be used for its purpose once finished.

Photo from the BAA Today Facebook Page

As written on the tarpaulin describing the project, the target date for completion is January 10, 2019.

“Project completion is on target and it is expected that no more work will be done on the road come December,” they added.

Hopefully this improvement translates to better traffic flow in the area especially during the Holidays as the road is right in front of Alabang Town Center mall.



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