COA Report altered – Team Baes

After losing 8-0 to their opponents in the last Barangay elections, Team Baes blamed the smear campaign done against them wherein Barangay Captain Ruben Baes and his officials were accused of misappropriating barangay funds for their own personal needs.

We must say, the campaign might have been the main reason for Team Baes losing in the recent elections.

At any rate, here is the statement of Team Baes regarding the mudslinging:                                                                           


SADLY, the SYSTEMATIC NEGATIVE CAMPAIGN STRATEGY of Team Unity has taken a turn for the worse. They have now resulted to maliciously altering a COA report and printing and distributing it in order to malign your Barangay.
We invite Team Unity to join us in conducting a physical inventory of Barangay Property Plant and Inventory to see for themselves that there is nothing QUESTIONABLE about it. Most of these have been procured by the previous Barangay councils. The previous council, which Mr. Burgos was part of DID NOT PROPERLY TURN OVER THEIR ASSETS to your present council. Neither did they submit an inventory report.
The allegation that the amount of Php10,183,678.03 is MISSING is pure FICTION sufficiently explained to COA who claimed that DBP FAILED TO INCLUDE AN INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT ACCOUNT AMOUNTING TO P8,841,654.89 and a disbursement by way of bank to bank transfer amounting to P1,866,480.00 (see attachment)
If you read the COA report in its entirety, the violation of R.A.’s 7160 and 8184 referring to the purchase of supplies and materials totalling Php1,508,752.73, you will appreciate the reasons behind it:
–          To ensure that the total purchases shall not exceed the total appropriations authorized.
–          To ensure that the Barangay takes advantage of quantity or volume discount
           Both have been diligently done by your Barangay.
4.  There are NO UNRECEIPTED EXPENSES OF Php12,382, 324.49. Nowhere in the COA report can you find a SUMMARY OF LARGE AMOUNTS PAID OUT from Un-Receipted  transactions as circulated by Team Unity in their flyers.  The disbursement vouchers and related supporting documents have been submitted to COA.
Most of the items mentioned as UN-RECEIPTED and paid to Brgy. Treasurer Mario Abrera ARE PAYROLL EXPENSES FOR BARANGAY PERSONNEL. This has been the practice even during the previous council which Mr. Burgos was part of. His IGNORANCE of this practice must be the root cause of this misunderstanding and malicious representation of the same.
Your Barangay has NOT FAILED IN THE MANAGEMENT OF YOUR FUNDS. The fact is that after delivering the worthwhile projects and services beneficial to everyone, we still have P58 Million left for the next Barangay Council. This is in contrast to the P18 Million left by PINEDA, BURGOS, etc. after accomplishing VIRTUALLY NOTHING to directly benefit their constituents.
Where is the Negative Cash Flow? It exists only in their contemptuous minds. We challenge them to prove their accusations that millions of our tax money is MISSING! Otherwise, they should all go out and vote straight for TEAM BAES.




They said that it was sad that many voters believed the “altered COA Report” and voted for their opponents.

You may click on the pictures to closely look at them. We also posted the so-called “altered COA Report” released by some “concerned citizens” sometime after the elections.

We don’t know who are deserving and we don’t know if the winners ARE deserving. Alabang Bulletin just thinks that residents deserve the best services that they need and should not be caught in the middle of two political factions. Constituents should not be affected and should still get what they pay for with their taxes.

Good luck to the new winners in the Barangay Ayala Alabang elections and good luck as well to the residents of the community.

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