Carnap leader had an Ayala Alabang Resident ID

We saw from the news that slain carnap gang leader Ivan Padilla possessed a resident identification card of the Ayala Alabang Village Homeowners Association (AAVA).

Now this is just pure alarming as Padilla and his gang members seemingly had access to all the cars inside the Muntinlupa village.

How was he able to get an ID? Was the ID real or fake? The suspect also had a Forbes Park ID.

Either way, if he was able to do it then a lot of other criminal elements can do the same.

We hope that Ayala Alabang Village, as well as other villages and enclaves, double check on who they give the ID’s to or investigate on who makes and distributes fake ID’s. Maybe double check the ID’s of villagers too.

We’ll never know, our car/s might be next.

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No Responses

  1. julianne says:

    it’s easy to produce fake information nowadays. and our village isn’t so strict with people who go in and out. very alarming.

  2. chelrule says:

    Shows what money can do … and the right connections ….