Buhos (counterflow) System in Las Pinas a bust?

So how has this counter-flowing (“buhos”) scheme been treating you lately?

For those who don’t know about the Buhos System, it is the stopping of one lane (Alabang to Zapote or vice versa) in a certain spot along Alabang-Zapote Road and allowing the oncoming lane to use all four (yes, there’s really just four lanes along Alabang-Zapote Road) lanes for a significant number of minutes before allowing the regular flow of traffic.

We asked our readers what they think of the Buhos System the Las Pinas traffic enforcers are regularly implementing along Alabang-Zapote Road and got these answers:

“It happens everyday, I couldn’t even say anybody’s a “victim” anymore. I grew up to this practice and I think everybody just decided to silently take it as something normal. Hay,” said our Facebook friend Jacob Delos Santos.

@Erwin0618 from our Twitter account said that it is the “dumbest thing they can do.”

“It took me 30 minutes from Southland to Southmall because of that,” he added. This should usually only take about five to 10 minutes or less with normal traffic flow.

A Twitter friend with a handle @wandrada also said that the buhos system is like “a mad rush to the end of a tunnel” and said that LP traffic enforcers should regulate the traffic on even terms to be fair to all motorists.

@almostlaureen was tweeting while stuck in traffic, saying “been stuck in front of Southmall for approximately 15 minutes due to buhos from southbound lane. Major hassle.”

@mitchevanz10 said that the traffic system just produces more traffic.

“What they need to do is to be strict lalo na sa jeep at bus. Buhos system is NOT effective,” he added.

“Counterflow sucks. Was once stuck for almost two hours from Starmall Las Pinas to Northgate,” narrated @gelaibabydoll, adding that she got hit at two different intersections.

Unlucky driver right there.

@beeyangkah said that she spent half an hour on the same spot just waiting for the MMDA (or LP traffic enforcers? – Ed) to let our side move.

“Hassle!,” she uttered.

@drexezs put it plainly, saying “cause of traffic lang ang buhos system” while @cpfrancia said that “it’s stupid and is a real test of one’s patience.”

A lot of motorists would rather not have their patience tested though.

“Walang saysay ang buhos!!” said Jed Sters from our Facebook.

Is traffic along AZ Road worse than EDSA? One reader thinks so.

“Traffic in Alabang-Zapote Road is worse than EDSA traffic. Buhos system should stop and they should just use traffic lights,” said @JayR_12.

Not surprisingly, we only got one positive (not too positive actually) feedback.

@malene1207 said that she’s okay with the buhos system just as long as they can maintain or lessen the timing.

Minsan kasi 15 to 30 minutes bago mag-go. Nakakasayang ng time,” she said.

The creation of the Friendship Route, the number coding AND the Buhos System. These are what the Las Pinas city government had come up with to combat the patience-testing traffic in the city’s main highway.

Have they been enough?

We don’t think so.  

Apparently, a lot of our readers share the same sentiment as ours.

There is still heavy traffic along Alabang-Zapote Road.

How about the traffic enforcers ENFORCE some of the basic traffic rules of “No Loading and Unloading” at any point along the highway?

How about these traffic enforcers ENFORCE the law that jeepneys and buses CANNOT stop in the middle of the road just to get and bring down commuters? (Oh, we forgot. It’s these PUVs who give them their pambaons.)

How about these traffic enforcers ENFORCE the “No Jaywalking” policy and encourage commuters to use the overpasses?

How about SOME enforcement?

We hope that traveling in Las Pinas can be a more relaxing and stress-inducing experience.

But…we can all only hope.

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No Responses

  1. florence enriquez says:

    kaya nga pag sinabing cavite!!! halos lahat sinasabi “WOW TRAFFIC DON” PANO DAHIL SA LINTEK NA BUHOS SYSTEM NA YAN!

  2. florence enriquez says:

    kaya nga pag sinabing cavite!!! halos lahat sinasabi “WOW TRAFFIC DON” PANO DAHIL SA LINTEK NA BUHOS SYSTEM NA YAN! Tapos ngayon sumusunod ang alabang at las pinas! ano na mangyayari sa atin ngayon? mas gusto ko pa un stop and go kasi lahat nakakagalaw! kaya marami na-iistroke sa traffic kasi walang galawan! hahaha kaya dapat ‘galaw-galaw naman para hindi ma-stroke! kalokohan yan buhos buhos system na yan! ang 5 mins mo nagiging 30 mins to 45 mins…at ang 15mins. travel mo nagiging 1 hour!!! that’s what you call UNFAIR sa mga taong maaga umalis sa bahay at dahil lang sa buhos system nalelate pa rin TULAD KO!!!

  3. Anna says:

    There is one good way to ease the traffic in Alabang-Zapote Road. Dapat ipagbawal ang mga colorum. Pansinin nyo na pag may “Huli plan” ang MMDA himalang gumiginhawa ang traffic.