Budol Budol Gang strikes anew in Las Pinas

Please be extra careful when walking to and from your house even when going to the adoration chapel or buying grocery or just plain walking in the park or anywhere in your area.

Another villager was victimized by the feared Budol Budol Gang right inside Philam Village just a few meters away from her house.

Sources talked to by Alabang Bulletin this afternoon said that an elderly woman was “kidnapped” then released after the suspects had taken her laptop, cellphones and some money, among others.

According to the victim, she was walking on her way home from the village church when a man said hi to her and asked how she was.

The man told the victim that he had just come from the US and introduced his alleged wife who was there by a parked car.

A Chinese-looking woman then appeared and told a very interesting tale.

The victim said she thought the group were a bunch of friends of her nieces and nephews that’s why she talked to them. She told police that one was tisoy and one girl was Chinese-looking.

They told of a tale that the Chinese woman was going to collect money and asked help from the victim.

She was then allegedly “hypnotized” by the group. The wife accompanied her to her house and went straight to her room where they got her laptop and cellphones.

They were then able to ask the victim to go with them again.

Next thing the victim knew, they were in Kawit, Cavite with the husband and wife team ganging up on her by threatening her and harassing her.

She pleaded for the group to let her go so she was dropped off at a vacant street in Cavite.

These are just first reports of the incident. We will give you the details once we get them.

Even a village like Philam (proclaimed the model village of Las Pinas a couple of years ago) is not safe anymore.

Maybe this is because the roads of the village were opened due to the Friendship Route.

Maybe it’s time CCTV cameras be installed in the gates to monitor those entering and exiting the subdivision.

Maybe the Las Pinas Police can have an artist always present in their precinct to do cartographic sketches and not tell victims that the artist is weeks away from coming back.

For now, please be more aware of your surroundings and the people that we interact with. They did this in broad daylight, guys.

Criminals no longer fear the law that is why they are doing all these to these innocent victims.

The victim was lucky she survived this traumatic event.

Maybe in these dangerous times, what we can do is to not trust anyone anymore.

We hope the authorities catch the perpetrators. Or at least something bad happens to them.

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  1. This should serve as a wake up call to the Pvha to review its lax policies on allowing the public to freely use the friendship route, and also for the philam parish to contribute and share in security of the philam village. (From Ricky Montecillo via Facebook)