BFFHAI has 20,000 unclaimed IDs, warns motorists who surrender fake IDs

WARNING to all motorists who surrender fake IDs to BF Homes guard houses — your days are numbered.

This was the pronouncement of BFFHAI president Arcal Astorga last week as he revealed that their office currently has a significant amount of fake IDs in their possession.

In separate posts by villagers Romeo Pajarillo and Marisa Suarez in We Are Determined to Make BF Better Facebook Page, it was revealed that BFFHAI has seven big storage boxes with around 20,000 IDs consisting of driver’s licenses, TIN cards, SSS cards, Voter’s IDs, Senior Citizen IDs, PWD IDs, among others that were never claimed.

Photo by Romeo Pajarillo from We Are Determined to Make BF Better Facebook Page

Also, just from the period of Dec. 2 to 7, the village association already discovered six vehicle sticker applications with fake OR/CRs.

These cases are currently being processed, according to Astorga.

Pajarillo also mentioned in his post that fake Las Pinas Friendship Route stickers are also being confiscated by the guards and reported to Las Pinas City Hall for proper handling.

This is also the reason why lines at the gates are currently backed up for several meters. The guards are meticulously inspecting all IDs being surrendered to them to check for validity.

Talking to the guard.

At present, BF guards only accept the following IDs (as they are the ones not so easy to fake):
Unified Multi-Purpose ID
Alien Certification of Registration (ACR ID)
Voter’s ID
Postal ID

*Driver’s Licenses are also accepted but only if voluntarily given by the driver.
*Senior Citizen IDs are also not accepted as they are easy to fake as well

Suarez also posted that, according to BFFHAI, someone was found to have surrendered 10 different fake IDs and this individual is now in jail for this violation.

For everyone’s knowledge, the Friendship Route stickers are just being given away by the Las Pinas City Hall and are not sold. If someone offers you to buy one then you are at risk of buying a fake sticker.

For those regularly passing BF gates (and homeowners), maybe a little bit of patience is required while the process of inspecting IDs is being done by BF guards.

For those planning to slip one (or ten) against BFFHAI, good luck (and you suck).

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