BF Paranaque hit-and-run suspect already reached out to trike driver?

Has this been resolved?

Has the driver been identified?

A tricycle driver plus his two children were reportedly victims of a hit-and-run incident inside BF Homes Paranaque Subdivision last Monday.

bf trike hit and run

Photo by Vida Mariezen Paredes


In a post by netizen Vida Mariezen Paredes, she reported that a tricycle was hit by an AUV (later identified to be a Toyota Fortuner) with plate number ZGV 465.

Photo by Vida Mariezen Paredes

Photo by Vida Mariezen Paredes


The victims were supposedly on their way home to the Dela Rama compound when they were hit by the Fortuner.

Photos show the extent of the hit and Paredes’ post quickly went viral as it has now been shared 8,000 plus times.

Please let us know if the driver has been identified already so we can update this post. We saw a post saying the driver had already reached out to the victims. Hope people familiar to the situation can let us know.

Either way, let us all be responsible drivers and be accountable for driving mistakes.


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