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BF 70's Barkada in front of the mural

“I have gone back to the deep abyss of my memory, to wander to a place I once called home, to seek familiar faces I called friends and leave them pieces of that memory to last a life time.” -Noel David

In honor of his friends from Paranaque that have contributed to what the city and the community now is, David recently unveiled his BF Mural Project made up of portraits of old friends from the village.

The 15×30 mural is now displayed at the BF Phase 1 covered courts to be admired by everyone who visits the place.

Check out this link for more information about the part two of the project.

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  1. noel david says:

    I would like to announce tat residences of BF who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s are welcome to the ongoing BF Mural past 2 chaired by Ms. Rina Cadana

  2. Louie Perez says:

    I move to bf homes when my sister got married to captain salvador (dodie) ferreren(pal pilot).coming from zamboanga city,we use to play basketball sa phase 1 club house,i met a lot of good friends a long the way.mostly drinking session after playing basketball.for me b.f homes is a big part of my life after my dad was kipnap & killed in zamboanga city.I remember Nazor (Joey),i use to tell him that we have to ask the association to build a covered now noel david is bringing back the memories of friends & family will be mural of for a life time of memorise.Thank you Noel David.god bless