Beware of children in Daanghari hitting cars with bats and umbrellas

Another Daanghari incident. We’re still shaking our heads.

But not as hard as Facebook user Chalina Ellema is shaking hers after what happened to her a couple of days ago.

In a Facebook post she shared, Ellema warned all motorists passing Daanghari (especially by the Evia area) to steer clear from the right side of the lane when they see children with baseball bats and umbrella handles (or other “pamalo”).

“There are kids there playing by the side of the road and then run tapos magpapalo ng car like it’s a game,” said Ellema, who added that score-keeping depended on how many cars they hit.

She said that when the car stops, the children hide their bats and say it was their companion who hit the car.

When called out for their act, they would even threaten to hit the car again.

Ellema said during that time, there were around 10 kids participating in the “game”.

When she was in Evia already and asked assistance from the guards, the guards just said “Hindi yan mga taga-rito, mam.”


Calling on the Las Pinas Police. Again.

Please keep Daanghari safe for all citizens. Ktnxbye.


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