Beware of cellphone snatchers in some areas in Muntinlupa

Alabang Bulletin once again received an email from one of our readers narrating to us how her cellphone got snatched from her inside her own village (on her own street!) and how dangerous their community is because of hidden entry and exit points.

Hopefully, the concerned authorities in Muntinlupa do something about this.

Here is her letter:

I don’t really know how to start this letter..

My phone got snatched from my hand in my home at around 5:20 in the morning last Monday, August 22, 2011. I suffered from pulled hamstring because I foolishly ran after the thief. Because I was shouting while I ran after him, all my neighbors woke up and went outside to see what the commotion was all about. Thank God for people like Kuya Ricky and the others who tried to help me catch the culprit. But unfortunately, my newly acquired Blackberry Curve was already out of reach.

I live in Summitville Subdivision in Muntinlupa City. And everybody who lives in this area knows that there are hidden entrances and exits from Bayanan to Summitville and vice versa. The young man who took my phone ran to Block 10 Purok 1 Bayanan, Muntinlupa City and was never found. Everybody who lives in both places also knows that there are so many robbers and drug addicts in this area.

I’ve already accepted the fact that I can never get my phone back even if i have it blocked by NTC or even if I write this letter to you. However, I’m hoping that you might voice out this cry for help to catch the menaces in our community. I don’t really know if the local barangays here in Putatan and Bayanan are doing something about this.

There are already so many unreported cases of home robbery here in our area. And the culprits, I heard, also live in Bayanan or Summitville Subdivision.
I don’t know how you can help us here.. but, I would really truly appreciate anything that you can do.. Please.. and thank you so much…

Even at the comforts of our own village or street, these criminal elements can strike as proven in the letter from our dear reader.

We not only must be careful. We SHOULD be EXTRA careful.

We hope that the victim reported this crime to their barangay or the nearest police station or to the homeowner association so that it could have been documented. Moreover, we hope that some action be taken regarding this.

Let us all be safe, everyone.

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No Responses

  1. iya says:

    Nakakatakot na talaga ang mga panahon ngayon. Kelangan ang ibayong pag-iingat sa loob at labas ng ating mga tahanan. Delikado na ang mga kakalsadahan ngyn. Sana mahuli na ang mga gumagawa ng ganitong mga krimen (snatchers atbp)para hindi na ulit mangyari ito.
    Nakakalungkot at may mga kababayan tayo na ginagawang hanapbuhay ang pagnanakaw. Hindi dahilan ang kahirapan para magnakaw na lamang para makakuha ng instant na yaman/salapi. Kung kaya ng ibang mahirap na umangat sa buhay, hindi pagnanakaw ang solusyon.

  2. Leon Monleon says:

    Cellphone thieves abound in so many areas in Munti,perpetrators are out of school youths hooked on drugs, I just hope that the CIty Government will issue CURFEW FOR MINORS and field more policemen in areas like Bayanan and Cupang

  3. varonesa villanueva says:

    to mayor, nene aguilar,
    im varonesa villanueva from san miguel manila gusto ko lang po malaman ano na po ba ang nangyaring nakawan sa pamplona 1 dalandan 2 las pinas city. sa bahay mismo ni mr.and mrs. tabu,last sept. 12,2010 kailangan po ata na ibayong pag iingat at dagdag na security sa kanilang lugar kung maaaring palitan na ang chairman sa kanilang baranggay dahil wala namang silbi din. maraming salamat po.

  4. Robert says:

    ako nga na taga bayanan naging biktima rin ng cellphone snatching. Bagong labas sa market dati ang Sonny Ericson P9910i at wala pang isang taon kong ginagamit yun ay biglang hinablot sa akin ng snatcher ang cellphone ko.

    Kahit na taga rito ako sa Bayanan wala na sila pinipili. Hindi ko namikhaan yung snatcher dahil hinampas ako sa batok dahilan para lumabo ang panngin ko. 🙁