Beware of a new modus operandi

One of our Twitter friends emailed us and wanted all our readers to know about this new criminal activity that is being done to innocent motorists in the past few days.

Here is his letter:

Hi Alabang Bulletin,
I am one of your twitter followers (@disisjmac).
Below is something I want to share that you may post on twitter.
This is a new (or old) modus operandi but I believe it would still be a big help if people (especially your followers) be aware of this.
Providing you below (as originally forwarded to me) exchanges of emails regarding the modus operandi. Two of my officemates had experienced this.
If you find it necessary, you may edit it to better capture the story.
Thank you.

Here is the new (or old) modus operandi presently being done by these God-knows-why-they-were-born criminals:

hi guys,
i just wanted to share some info that happened to me personally.
The first time happened a few weeks ago. I was travelling from the fort to makati using the fly over that connects the fort to Buendia avene.

After coming down from the fly over, i saw a guy looking around the stop light of Buendia corner paseo de roxas. he is carrying some styro from fast foods store.

what they do is when they see that stop light is about to trap in there, right after you pass by him, he will try his best to hit your side mirror or you will hear a big bang from your behind. he then will throw his styro in the air thinking that you hit him. then he will pick up all his styro and run to your window and tells you that you have to pay him because you hit him. do not open your window. or you will be in a lot of trouble.

walang tigil na kulitan. im lucky that someone forwarded same kind of story to me before. kaya di ko open window ko. nag smile lang ako dun sa guy and drove off when the light turned green.
same thing again happened to me last thursday, gabi sila lagi tumitira.

i was traveling from south super highway going towards manila. this guy is selling trapo. same thing, alam ko malayo ako sa kaya. biglang may kumalabog at yung side mirror ko naman dinale niya.

when i stopped to see what happend just looking behind my rear without opening my door or window siyempre suddenly was running towards me. he was in a rush na parang tinamaan ko siya. knowing na modus operandi lang yun, umabante na ako kahit stop pa yung light.
so please beware. sa malayo mo na tignan kung ano nangyari sa car mo. on both incident wala namang tama car ko.
ingat lang sa kalsada.

So there, dear readers, please, please be careful when driving. You WILL know when you actually hit someone so don’t stop when you experience what happened to the guy above.

Better safe than sorry.

Thank you, Jay, for this warning.

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