Best gift to give yourself and your children is confidence – John Robert Powers

    It may very well be the best gift you can give your child:
self-confidence. If only it was something that can easily be bought
off the shelf. Shyness is often a manifestation of a lack of
confidence, a sign of low self-esteem.  “Even older people have
shyness issues,” says Ricardo Santos, John Robert Powers curriculum
director. “Usually, it can be traced back to a traumatic experience in

        Santos shares his own personal experience. As a young adult,
he went through a period of self-doubt. “I felt the pressures building

up and one day, I just thought I was sinking. There was no help in sight.

I was praying and it seemed God was on vacation. In the end, it was all
about accepting myself.”

    We know about the so-called mid-life crisis, and lately, we’ve heard
about the quarter-life crisis. But teens and even pre-teens go through
their own life crisis. They experience mysterious changes in their
body as they go through puberty. They feel the demands of school work
and their parents’ high expectations. They have to deal with
peer pressure and the desire for social acceptance. They inevitably
have to face their doubts and fears about an uncertain future.

    “The JRP curriculum based experience helps individuals achieve a
strong sense of who they are and how to achieve their potential,” says
JRP international director, Marivic Padilla-Catala. “The courses are
progressive in nature, building on one strength to the next.” While it
may start with the external, such as image enhancement, posture,
wardrobe, hairstyle and makeup, at the core of it all is personality
development and personal growth. If you look good, naturally, you’ll
feel good about yourself, which in turn boosts your self-confidence.
“The programs make you aware of your strengths and weaknesses and how
people perceive you. At JRP, we take a holistic approach,” Padilla

  “That is what makes JRP different from all the rest,” says JRP
graduate, Ingrid Nieto. “You have all these subjects that are
connected to each other. You are equipped. But first you have to admit
that you need the change, and you have to work at becoming a better
individual. Little by little, you realize that hey, I’m becoming more

     Can confidence be taught? “You can make them understand what they
don’t have. Sometimes, they cannot accept it or are not aware.” Santos
says. “When I talk about my own experience they are able to relate it
to their own. We help them recognize their own potential, to be the
best that they want to be. It’s all about empowerment.”
    The JRP curriculum is unique. It is flexible and adaptable to all age groups
and motivations. All classroom instruction is supported by hand out
materials that may be retained by the student. The students are
assessed on their comprehension and use of the materials, while the
teachers are assessed on their ability to interest, motivate and
assist students. They have certified psychologists and life coaches.
“Our teachers come with their expertise,” Santos remarks, “and they in
turn tap into the huge JRP resource.”  At the end of the course, students

receive a certificate from a recognized institution. “Our best endorsers are our

students who have graduated,” Santos says.

   “JRP helped me overcome my insecurity issues,” Nieto says. “I would
not be where I am now if it were not for JRP, the teachers and the
many lessons I picked up from them. They gave me hope.”

    There may be others who claim to offer similar courses, but they do
not have JRP’s rich heritage that dates back to the 1920s when it was
founded by John Robert Powers in the US. JRP started as a modeling
agency but it has since evolved into a personality development school,
which has produced many illustrious graduates. It continues to grow
with the times. It has an international network and JRP Philippines
serves as a model in the region.
    There are many ways your child can spend the summer vacation.
Enrolling at JRP would mean not only a way of spending time but time
well spent. “It’s an investment that you make to acquire the skills,”
Padilla says. It is a conscious decision, to embark on this journey of
self-discovery, self-improvement and personal growth.

Enrollment is ongoing for the summer classes. John Robert Powers
schools are located at the 4th flr., Casmer Bldg., 195 Salcedo St.,
Legaspi Village, Makati City, tel. no. 892-9511; grnd. flr.,
Cinderella Bldg., 825 EDSA, QC, tel. no. 927-0465; 2nd flr, JJACCIS
Bldg., 1208 Acacia Ave.,  Madrigal Business Park, Alabang, Muntinlupa
City, tel. no. 659-0052. For more information, visit

JRP students at the finale of their showcase presentation

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