Be cautious when passing by MCX as rocks now being thrown at vehicles there; MCX officials will not pay for damages

The rock throwers have come to the south.

Please look at photos of what happened to a fellow southerner who was one of the victims of this careless and very dangerous act by irresponsible people.

People passing by the Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway, please take the necessary caution.

From Facebook user Nate:

Hi guys i would just like to share what happened to our car and several cars while passing through the new mcx (muntinlupa-cavite-expressway)…

It seems there are people in that area that throw rocks…huge rocks to passing cars in the expressway… Our car was hit alongside several cars last night… We would like to share this to express caution to fellow drivers who use the mcx because it can be very dangerous at certain hours…

We are also sharing this so that the mcx authorities spend more resources in safe guarding the cars that pass through mcx since the expressway passes through an area that is part muntinlupa correctional facility and a “squatter area”… Hopefully their management puts more effort in keeping us motorists safe from such accidents… Below are the pictures of our car and several cars that were hit in a span of 30 minutes… One car even got hit in the windshield and wounded the driver… Most of the cars hit had families and kids inside them… So extra caution to motorists that use mcx…and share so that people know…

UPDATE: MCX management informed us that they will not pay for any damages… To instead report it to the barangay local officials…. THE HECK!!! So hopefully your car has insurance if you somehow get hit with a rock because they are not going to take responsibility for it..

mcx 1

mcx 2

mcx 3

mcx 4

mcx 5

Of course, hopefully this is an isolated incident.

We’re not saying that these hooligans throw rocks or stones or whatever they have in their hands at all the vehicles passing by but please just be careful when passing by the new expressway.

Hopefully the MCX management does something about this to prevent more incidents like this happening in the future.

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2 Responses

  1. jojo says:

    I’ve passed by mcx a number of times already and I haven’t seen any patrol (like the ones in south super highway and skyway) cars or pickups. do they have one? I assume mcx is maintained by Ayala due to the number of signage/ads for their villages.

  2. Ninja says:

    Gun these bitches down if you get hit.

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