Be careful when you step into that tricycle in BF Homes Paranaque

Although this was probably (and hopefully) an isolated incident and since we feel that it is our duty to warn our dear readers too, please be careful when riding tricycles inside BF Homes in Paranaque.

One reader sent us a tweet last night around 9pm reporting this:

“20-something woman whacked and robbed by tricycle driver in our street! She had a deep cut on her forehead,” tweeted the reader.

He continued by saying that the tricycle driver was not caught and that he was wearing a red vest (which means he plies the Southland route, according to our reader).

The victim was also not able to get the body number of the tricycle the suspect was riding.

In an update this morning, the reader said that the victim also had a bigger cut at the back of her head which required nine stitches. The forehead cut was four inches long, he reported.

We hope that the girl is all right and that she recovers soon. We also hope that this is just a one-time incident and that the tricycle driver is caught and the victim brought to justice.

To be sure, do get the body number of the tricycle that you are riding (not only in BF–this can happen anywhere) and text someone you know so that the tricycle can be traced if ever something bad happens.



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2 Responses

  1. juan dela cruz says:

    Matagal ko na ni rereklamo ang ibang trike dito sa bf, meron dyan mga beating the red light a intersection, meron mukang mga bata at walang lisensya, meron naman dyan kung mag counter flow pag trapik, at madami akala nila kanila ang kalye…it seems wala ng control ang UBFHAI dito sa mga ito, ayaw nila disiplinahin ni chairman at mga kagawad or ng UBFHAI…sino ba talga may control sa kanila, nagiging problema sila sa kalye…

  2. Juan Dela Cruz says:

    i feel sorry for the victim, hopefully isolated lang ang case na ganito…we have to have a new trike system inside bf homes…everyday i drive, i see trikes beating the red light sa intersection, i see young trike drivers, bka nga wala pang lisensya, meron din nag counterflow, singit ng singit at talgang walang disiplina sa kalye…UBFHAI and Brgy BF must do something about this problem, they are becoming a menace and adds up to traffic along the major streets in BF…for any reason, pag naka aksidente or nasabitan, kamot ng ulo at sasabihin “pasensya na boss, nag hanap buhay”. ehhh, bakit sila lang ba nag hahanap buhay? I hope the Brgy and UBFHAI can address the issue or else, one of this days, magkaka gulo na…