Be careful when hiring household helpers; Elderly couple in Las Pinas victims of theft

This has been said many times before — Beware who you hire as household help.

An elderly couple inside Philam Village in Las Pinas found this out the hard way as their household help stole from them yesterday.

Now an all too familiar tale, a young woman earned the trust of the old couple and paid their kindness back by stealing from them.

The suspect reportedly goes by the name Glory Vine Navarro but told the couple her surname was Salaysay at first. She goes by the name Rea but also uses Mai Mai (her favorite actress).

The crime happened while the couple was away on a staycation at their daughters’ somewhere in Manila. Oddly enough, the suspect did not flee.

Obviously calculated, the young woman stole some jewelry then texted the owner of the house pretending to be her uncle.

In her text message, the girl said that she would be picked up by her uncle the next morning.

The elderly couple, sensing something, checked their belongings and quickly found out they were missing some important jewelry.

When confronted, the girl said she was pressured by a man she met to let him in the house and that the jewelry was stolen by the man. While the elderly couple were there inside the house, sleeping in other rooms!

Upon finding this out, the couple then called the village security who then responded to the crime with Barangay Pamplona Dos officials in tow.

After being questioned by members of the village security and the barangay, the young woman admitted that she was the one who took the jewelry.

Photo from the Philamlife Village Facebook Page

She said she had pawned it in a pawnshop in Moonwalk and that part of the money was taken by the man.

The admission was followed by several more lies.

She then declared she was a minor even though in her interview before being hired she said she was 18 years old.

The police then said the woman couldn’t be charged since she was a minor and that she should be turned over to the DSWD.

In a weird turn of events, the police recommended that the girl sleep over the house of the elderly couple then wait for morning to come so they could get the ring back and wait for the “uncle” to pick her up.

“They said a minor couldn’t be kept in jail overnight and that there should be a guardian where she could be turned over to,” said the elderly couple, who requested anonymity for security reasons, and still can’t believe that such a seemingly sweet girl could do that to them.

The couple requested for the girl to just sleep somewhere else. Good thing they were able to convince the village security office to take her in for the night.

To make the long story short, the young woman was released since the victims didn’t want to push through with police case as it would require them to file a formal complaint and attend the hearings as well.

“We are too old to go back and forth to attend the hearings,” said the husband, adding that they just hope the suspect does not find new victims.

Hence, they asked Alabang Bulletin to help in warning their neighbors.

The young woman will be banned from entering Philam Village again.

Let this be a lesson to everyone that even though your house helpers are recommended by friends, they can still turn out evil.

“At her young age, she seemed like an expert. Once she fished if we had CCTV installed in the house. Then the other lies and pretending to be trustworthy. We don’t even know her real name anymore. Please be careful, everyone,” said the devastated and still shocked wife.

So take a good look at her face, people.

Don’t be the next victim.


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