Be careful of person throwing road hazards along Alabang-Zapote Road; Please see video here

“Good thing my younger brother is a cautious driver.”

Calling on the Las Pinas City Police.

This video and story was sent to us by an almost-victim of this senseless modus:


“Hey Guys, just want to share a video that happened last night, November 10, 2016.

My siblings were on their way home from a gym in Robinsons Las Piñas when they encountered this guy along Alabang-Zapote Road, near the intersection of Casimiro.

I’ve heard stories about this modus(plenty of Las Piñas residents have been victimized already I think), that once you hit whatever it is he threw (looks like a concrete with steel) he will then get the chance to do unthinkable deeds.

Need to put this guy behind bars.

He endangered my family. Good thing my younger brother is a cautious driver.

But what if this incident will happen to other vulnerable drivers?

I hope someone would be able to report his whereabouts so the police can actually do something about it.” — Jeks Someda

We can only imagine what the individual will do once you hit the object he throws and also the damage to your vehicles.

This has got to stop.

Again, calling on the Las Pinas Police. Please do your jobs and protect your citizens.

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