Be careful of children throwing rocks along SLEX

An Alabang Bulletin reader and a friend from Twitter, @martintheloz, wanted us to warn everyone of something dangerous that happened to him while traversing SLEX the other night.

Here is his brief account of what happened:

martintheloz was going home on slex the other day when a kid came out from under the bridge and threw a rock, was able to swerve!

When asked which part of SLEX this was, he said that it was probably after bicutan, “where some parts of slex are bridges.”

This happened around 1 a.m., he added.

We heard of a similar incident from another friend last week. A kid (probably around 12 years old) suddenly pops up from nowhere and throws a stone or a rock at oncoming or passing traffic.

This hit the window of the car but good thing it didn’t shatter.

Please be careful when passing by SLEX. Try your best to still be alert even when on your way home or even if it’s late at night.

Report them at the nearest toll booth. Hopefully, they do something about it.

Let’s all exercise extreme caution when driving, guys.

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