Basag Kotse Gang strikes again in McDonald’s President’s Ave.

This is not just getting alarming but also tiring.

Another victim of the so-called Basag Kotse Gang reached out to Alabang Bulletin today to report another incident.

The victim requested for anonymity for security reasons.

The incident happened last Aug. 28 around 10pm at the parking lot of McDonald’s President’s Ave.

According to the victim, he was just parked for some 30 minutes and discovered that the right side backseat window of his car was smashed and all his bags inside taken.

“They got my gym bag (with used work out attire and shoes inside), office bag (with the usual stuff like powerbank, perfume, organizer notebook, pen and phone charger) and several new long sleeves polo which I bought a few hours earlier still inside Metro Department Store paper bags,” narrated the victim.

What made it even worse, he said, was the response of Barangay BF when he reported what happened to him.

“They just said that there was a similar incident that happened there at the same spot last week,” adding that the barangay personnel said they would just do the rounds there to prevent it from happening again.

The victim also noted that his car was tinted and that the bags were not fully-exposed.

What worries the victim even more is that one of the items taken was his company ID which listed their home address and an emergency contact number.

Apart from the things taken, the victim also said replacing the window took him one day and was also very costly.

The victim’s car after having the window replaced.

This is the third incident we have reported in the last week.

These people are just getting more brazen and braver.

Maybe fastfood chains should assign guards near the parking lots and have them roam the area once in a while and report to the police or barangay when they see suspicious-looking individuals.

Hopefully these establishments and the local authorities in-charge don’t wait until someone gets hurt.

Let us all be very extra cautious nowadays, everyone.

They say petty crimes such as this happen more during the Holidays.


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