Barangay BF responds to tree cutting complaint by villager

It’s always great to know that people actually read our posts here especially concerned authorities who are in the middle of important issues in our neighborhood.

Here is an email from Barangay BF in response to an earlier post we made regarding a villager getting alarmed with the tree cutting in BF:

Dear Alabang Bulletin:

Good day!

This is in response to one of the articles in the Alabang Bulletin blog dated last November 25, 2010 entitled “Villager complains about tree cutting in BF Homes.”  We would like to clarify that the only tree cut by the barangay was the acacia tree located in President’s Avenue near Tahanan Village. And this was done as requested by Ms. Elizabeth Kumagai of #17 Presidents’ Ave. Tahanan Village, the landowner where the tree was located.  The barangay coordinated with the office of the DENR Forest Management Bureau and was granted permit number DNF-UFD-C/B P# 10-10-152 last October 14, 2010 before proceeding to remove the tree. The reasons for cutting down the tree are as follows:

A.)  When Typhoon Basyang struck the country last July 2010, it uprooted the tree and damaged its roots thereby causing the tree to deteriorate rapidly.

B.)  Though efforts were undertaken to preserve the tree (i.e. staking/cabling of the trunk), the canal pipe-laying under the acacia tree loosened the soil and the roots holding the foundation of said tree.

C.)  Since the tree has been permanently uprooted, it cannot strongly hold on to the soil and pose a danger on properties nearby, unsuspecting pedestrians and cars should a strong wind upset its balance.

The DENR approved the above-mentioned reasons for removing the tree and the public can double-check this with the DENR Forest Management Bureau by calling them at 440-9977 or they can proceed to the Barangay Hall and ask for a copy of the written permit.  All other options were considered in preserving the tree. Since it endured years of damage to its soil and roots, it was concluded that the tree is beyond saving.

We would like to assure the public and the residents of BF Homes that the Barangay has taken all necessary steps to ensure that no environmental laws were violated in the removal of the acacia tree. All the permits were secured before cutting operations began. We hope this satisfies the concerns of the general public. We would also like to thank this blog for serving as a medium for residents of Barangay BF to air their concerns. Any feedback is welcomed by Barangay BF Homes in order to better serve their constituents. If there are more concerns that the barangay should know about, the people can email us directly at or

We hope this clarifies things and we do hope that all tree cuttings in the community stop.

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