Baklas Side Mirror inside Parkhomes Subdivision



At least five cars were once again victimized by a Baklas Side Mirror group inside Parkhomes Subdivision in Tunasan, Muntinlupa.

Ranging from cars like Toyota Innova’s and Honda CRV’s parked outside, the no-good individuals preyed on the hapless victims while they were soundly sleeping around 3am to 4am this morning.

According to villagers, this has happened numerous times inside the village.

The reported five victimized cars happened in just one street, Alabang Bulletin found out.

Most of the streets in the Muntinlupa subdivision are shallow so most of the cars are just parked outside.

Why did this happen again?

This happened before already so what measures were taken for the incident not to occur again?

What is the homeowners association doing about this?

Where were the guards when all these were happening?

How did these criminals enter the village gates?

Did the village’s CCTV capture any of the suspects’ faces upon entering and exiting the village?

Or are the suspects from inside the village?

Those are just some of the questions that village association, Barangay Tunasan officials and the Muntinlupa police need to answer.

After all, they owe it to their villagers and constituents who are paying association dues and taxes supposedly for security.

May this never happen again.

May something be done about this already.

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